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So you want to meet local singles, but you’re not sure where to start? Perhaps you’ve tried a few methods but they haven’t worked out as well as you’d hoped? A friend of mine used to say, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got!” So, just for a few minutes while you read this article, keep an open mind and see whether trying new things could give you new results – whether it’s new friends, new dates, or even a new soulmate.

Meet Singles Where Singles Meet

Let’s cover the most obvious options first. You’re most likely to meet singles where other singles go to meet! So, local bars and nightclubs and online dating will probably be top of the list. But if you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve already tried those options and they didn’t suit you. Perhaps you don’t feel at ease in the “meat market” venues or “pickup joints” like local bars or clubs. And maybe you’ve heard scare stories about internet dating, or you just prefer to get to know someone face to face.

Meet Local Singles at Coffee Shops

A photo of a cup of coffee.

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Coffee shops can be a great place to meet local singles, and if you enjoy a good cup of java or a specialty tea, so much the better! Set yourself a light-hearted mission to survey the coffee shops near you. Notice what kind of people visit those coffee shops at different times of the day, and different days of the week.

Get a feel for the “vibe” of each place, and discover which one you feel most comfortable in. Are you looking to meet people from the young trendy crowd… or the business people… perhaps people who work at home and go out for a coffee to tak break… or perhaps you want to meet single parents? Find out where those people go, and get yourself comfortable with those venues.

If you’re a little shy, take your time. Get comfortable, get on speaking terms with the baristas, even if it’s just a quick “Hello” and a friendly nod. Find a favorite table where you can see people, and they can see you. Ideally sit in view of the doorway, so that you can give people a friendly smile when they enter – perhaps even a greeting if they smile back!

You may feel more comfortable if you have something to do while you’re waiting to meet people. You could take a book, a newspaper, or a laptop. But be careful not to get too engrossed! Look up frequently, casually lay the magazine aside for a few minutes, or surf news sites on your laptop – the sort of website where you’ll find interesting snippets of information that you might want to share with someone to start a conversation. Whatever you’re doing, don’t let it become a psychological barrier between you and the people you want to meet.